Permissions for Portal Resources

04-21-2015 09:06 AM
Status: Open
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Need the ability to add additional editors or maintainers to Portals / AGOL.  Currently, the person who submits the data/map/app is the only person who can update.  I wish to add additional editors/maintainers.  So, I want to add users similiar to what we can do with Groups.
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I agree with this 100%.  This is the bane of my existence right now.

Use Case: We have built an Operations Dashboard for our provincial Emergency Measures Office.  During a disaster, the GIS team sends one member to the EMO office and they update the map, and all the Regional Emergency Management Coordinators can view the situation map in real time and know what is happening.  But the data, map and dashboard are all owned by only one person on the GIS team.  So team members can edit data in a layer, but they cannot add or remove  layers in the map, they cannot change the map or widgets in the dashboard, that all has to be done by the one person who created it all, which may or may not be the person on active duty any given day.  So that one person has to be available all the time in case map or dashboard changes are needed.  And if that person leaves the organization, the whole thing would need to be rebuilt.

I can see this being fixed with either Group Ownership, or Assigning edit permissions to Group members.