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05-22-2015 12:04 PM
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Good Afternoon ESRI-ArcGIS Team / With future releases of ArcGIS Online please provide a means to export a map with selected view extent to be exported directly into PDF. I'm finding myself copying and pasting map images to share them with non-licensed users but this creates large files which adds heft to simple mail or presentations.  Snapshots are also "weak" representations since they have to be resized causing further image distortion.  Thanks for your consideration and if this idea has been previously submitted please file this idea with that item.  Thanks.
by Anonymous User


This is an old post and you may have found a solution by now, but there is a Widget in Web AppBuilder that allows you to print your maps as PDF.


Been struggling with this for days. The print function produces images far too low res. PLEASE give an easy option to export as images!!!

by Anonymous User

You may need to change your DPI value to about 300 when printing to image or PDF.