Pass Field Reorder (MXD attribute table reorder) To Existing Web Map Web Services

08-20-2015 08:27 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
There are other topics ongoing regarding reordering ability at the Desktop (table) level and also for enchanced reorder options within AGOL and Portal.  However, a simple fix would be to allow existing web services within existing web maps to honor reordered fields based on a republished service.

Recently, I reordered fields within an MXD by moving via Attribute table (or layer Properties).  I then republished the service.  When adding the republished service to a web map (existing or new map) the service honored the reordered fields.  To my disappointment, the reordered fields are not honored by existing services within existings web maps.

Please ESRI, allow existing web services to honor attribute field reorders upon service republish!  Similar to the ability to preserve layer IDs at the MXD level there could be an option to tick on or off the option to preserve field order?

Here's me hoping for many promotes!