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Optional Basemap Legend with Map Legend

04-20-2022 10:07 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Hello all,

When I am searching on ArcGIS online Map Viewer and any ESRI basemap, I find sometimes there are features that are unique or unusual I would like to know the symbology for. Be it one field interacting with another's data and the map is unfamiliar in places, it is something that comes up quite regularly working in large areas with many kinds of data shown. My idea would be to add an option in ESRI's basemaps and/or Online legend capabilities to show a button for a legend for the items, layers, and features shown on the basemap. Maybe not as complicated as a dynamic legend for the basemap, which would be welcome, but perhaps a feature that would link to a legend, allow the basemap legend to be opened with the map legend, or besides the map legend would best describe my interest.

This would be tremendous help when not working off of strictly aerial basemaps and the labeled features are not as familiar or descriptive as others. It would also enable cartographers to make more informed visual decisions as they compare the basemap legend to their own to best show their data and map without conflicts to what is present as a basemap feature.



Legend (Map Legend as default in AGOL )

Map Feature One

Map Feature Two

etc map/user features

Basemap Legend (My Idea - Add button below legend or somewhere to turn on/off basemap legend)

Basemap symbolized features

Land Use color scheme


Water Features

etc basemap features


Whether this be optional within AGOL maps or permitted on/off from the options tab, it is something I have tinkered with in mirroring regional features and cartography symbols for and it has been on my mind for some time. Functionally for both new users getting used to AGOL or basemaps as well as seasoned users wanting to dig into their map making, I think this feature would be a great option to add in and look forward to input from everyone interested!

Kind regards & God bless,