Option to add individual layers from feature layer

03-06-2020 07:30 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Sometimes I don't need to add ALL the layers in a feature layer to my web map. Sometimes I just want to add one, or a couple. Can the add data function in a web map be adjusted to allow individual layers within a feature layer be visible and selected?

Case Study

I upload a collection of data as one feature layer to AGOL. An overview map needs all these layers but, for another, more specific, web map, I just need the 'rivers' layer. Currently I have to add the entire feature layer and the remove all the layers that aren't rivers. 

This is achievable via catalog in ArcGIS Pro even when accessing AGOL / Portal items. You wouldn't expect to have to add a whole geodatabase to your map when you just want one layer from it.