Open up non-ESRI apps from ESRI-apps

01-19-2018 07:41 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Right now all native ESRI apps can be opened using url-links through schemes, which opens up a host of posibilities to have them "talk to eachother". The only non-ESRI apps that can be opened using a url-scheme from an ESRI app are Google and Apple Maps (correct me if I'm wrong?).  It would be great if you could open other apps through their respective schemes as wel, for instance:

  • we can access our intranet from a map feature using the browser of our MDM (AirWatch using awb:// in a hyperlink).
  • we can access a sharepoint-site through the official SharePoint app (using  ms-sharepoint:// in a hyperlink).
  • etc.