On the AGOL Homepage allow administrators to view and save a draft version prior to publishing

05-11-2022 05:13 AM
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While working on updating my organizations homepage, I found it rather annoying that I was unable to save a draft version, and publish it later.  Currently, when editing and updating your homepage, before you exit you can only 'Save' or 'Cancel'.  

I know that admins can see the edits they are making to the homepage, but if they're just testing layouts and options, they can only view it and not save the draft.  Sometimes these updates to organizations homepage require approval, and thus having a draft version you can go back to would be awesome.  Then once approved, you can publish it.  Similar to how the HUB sites and Experience Builder sites work.

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Not an option for everyone, and not as suitable as your suggestion,  but my organization has a Sandbox for development of applications and projects. 

We can build feature services and web app that only the owner or administrators can see until it is shared.  So why not landing pages for companies.