No more negative credit balance in ArcGIS Online

08-24-2018 03:04 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Online Named Users can launch a hosted service without checking how many credits it will consume. Sometimes, they are not aware that they don't have enough credits to perform the analysis (e.g. geocoding) and no alert is set to warn the users. As a result, ArcGIS Online will keep consuming credits even when none is available, resulting in negative credit balance. There should be a mechanism that limits the credit consumption to the number available in order to prevent this situation.


Are you able to set a per-user credit limit in the settings tab of your org? 


Thanks Thomas. Actually the problem happened in subscriptions managed by one Named-User only. Even when the administrator is using hosted services, he needs to be warned against credit overkill. 


what happens in cases where there is no warning, and the credits go into negative


You have a come to Jack moment with your Account Manager when it comes time to pay maintenance


I understand why Esri allows organizations to accrue negative balances. Frankly, I think its quite generous of them to allow that to happen at all. That said, there are lots of organizations that absolutely need budget certainty is that is impossible with the current set of credit management tools and no way to prevent your organization from going into the hole with credits.

Please add the checkbox Esri.