No full screen size of pop-ups on large screens

03-01-2018 01:01 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Hi all, it is great to have a possibility to submit an idea.

I think it would be important to be able to change the size of pop-ups in the Web Applications. I have attached the pictures, which show the problem. On my rather large screen the pop-ups look really nice and small when I am in the full screen mode (picture pop_up_big_screen.png). However, as soon as I make it a bit smaller they start to look very small and as a preview (picture pop_up_smaller_screen1.png), and then a user has to click on it and the whole information appears as a full screen. So the pop-up covers the whole screen (picture pop_up_smaller_screen2.png). On the laptop screen size there is no possibility to have a nice small pop-up, it is always covering the whole screen. I think it is important to be able to change it not only in the developer version. I would rather always have it as on the large screen. So no change to the "mobile version" (or whatever is the reason) seems to me to be a better option. Thank you for considering it!

The application is here:  ArcGIS Web Application