No capability to view attachments in table view for feature class or related table in New Map Viewer.

04-14-2022 09:06 AM
Status: Open
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There is no capability to view (show) the actual photo attachments in the new AGO map viewer in the table view for a feature class or related table.  It shows the amount of attachments but the user can't view the attachments.  Map viewer Classic has the capability to show the number of photos and allows the user to view the photo attachments.


This is currently a known limitation on the feature table side. Thanks for your feedback and will bring it up with the team.



Thanks for your feedback.  Appreciate you reporting that to the developer team.




Is this on the product roadmap then?

I'm fine with writing arcade scripts to fetch most recent values of related records. However for people that are unfamiliar Arcade they do not have that functionality.

Additionally, an example use-case would be for the end user exploration of a dataset. Let's say restaurant health scores. A user would normally want to know what the last several reports looked like, especially if the most recent one was poor.


Yup this is on the roadmap for the API featuretable and when it is implemented it will come in for all apps using that table component which include Map Viewer. 


Thanks Russel.  Will this be on the road map for a feature related table as well?  I have several clients that use maintenance activity tables for routine inspections and they track asset condition change by taking photos.  


Yup we are actively working on getting a related record experience into Map Viewer using popups and tables. 


Great! Appreciate the quick response.