New setting for AGOL organizations: auto-redirect logins to the enterprise login screen

06-08-2017 05:51 AM
Status: Open
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In AGOL it is possible to add an extra login option to allow an external identity provider (enterprise login) to validate the user's identity instead of the normal AGOL username and password login. It is also possible to remove the normal username/password option to only have the enterprise login option, below is a picture showing what this looks like:Example of the unneccessary middle step when logging in to AGOL using enterprise login.

I would like to suggest an optional setting for agol organizations where instead of landing at this page, the user is automatically forwarded to the enterprise login screen.

Two reasons:

  1. There is business value in not having to display to our (third party) users what appears to be multiple login screens (our users have already logged in to our own system in a previous step and just need to fetch their AGOL token here).
  2. The login button above currently does not support web apps installed to an iOS device homescreen. If our users press the button from within the homescreen-web app, our enterprise login page is opened in an external web page in the user's browser and the user will only be logged in inside the browser, not within our app.
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