New Map Viewer Filter Tool Defining an Expression

10-26-2021 08:41 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Hey everyone, I'm running into a shortcoming with the new Map Viewer's filter tool and was hoping to hear some thoughts from the community on this. 

When creating a filter for a layer, you can make a set of expressions and define all of them as "matching all conditions" (And) or "matching just one condition" (Or). Within that you can create a set of conditions and similarly define the entire set as "matching all conditions" or "matching just one condition". The issue arises when a set of conditions may need some variation in And/Or that the filter does not support because it is an all or nothing scenario. Currently our team is using the JSON to define an expression for the layer, but thought it'd be good to bring up possibly implementing more control over filter expression development in the new Map Viewer.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts or experience with the filter tool to see if there's some avenue I'm missing to better tailor an expression. Otherwise, any discussion on improving the filter tool would be welcomed.