Need Undo for editing in ArcGIS Online

07-17-2014 01:27 PM
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There should be an undo choice when editing a feature service in ArcGIS Online.

I had a team member click on the calculate field tab on AcrGIS Online, and inadvertently changed 1800 + unique addresses into the address number he thought he was searching for.  If a undo button was available, or even a verification pop-up when making major irreversible edits or deletions, that would be a major improvement in the daily use of AcrGIS Online. 


I tried calculating a field with only some records selected.  It calculated on the entire field completely.  Had I not recently backed up the data this would have spoiled several weeks of fieldwork.  Even with the backup I've spent the last several hours attempting to repair the data.  Turns out that is a known limitation (, but didn't know and there is no warning...

There is some limited undo support if you are on the edit tab of a web map, but if you're editing the attribute table directly and you make a mistake then you're screwed.


The need for Undo button in AGOL Online is important. The field calculator tool is very easy to make errors.

by Anonymous User

Thank you Marc for confirming my sad realization. Calculating field applies to the whole column, not just selected records. No warning, nothing, totally screwed. Good thing we set up archive to revert back.

Here's a related thread with solution - apply a filter to reduce records and then calculate field on that set.


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