need popup for rasters on ArcGIS Online webmap

03-03-2016 05:19 AM
Status: Open
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We need popups for rasters on ArcGIS Online Webmaps. 

The reason is to display elevation from our DEM and DSM from the built-in popup in WebApp Builder sites.

This is extremely important to us. I can also see it being important for other types of rasters.
As a workaround for this issue until you see the solution you've suggested, I would do the following.
In ArcMap, convert the raster you desire to have popups to a polygon shapefile ("Raster to polygon" Conversion Tool), making sure the value you are concerned with seeing in the popup (i.e. elevation) is in the 'Field' box of the tool.   Then publish both the raster and the sister polygon layer to AGOL and put them in a map together.  Symbolize the raster as desired and I suggest giving the polygon no symbology, so that is can simply serve as a "popup provider" for the raster layer.
How are you adding your raster layers to the web map? As an Image service or a tiled service?
by Anonymous User

Kelly Gerrow image / mapserver. It should work, and map to "value" field. That is how we'd like it, so it works with DEMs.  user can click and get elevation.  This is a very, very common workflow. However it doesn't. It should be implemented, simply map to raster value field. Also useful for land classification and other remote sensing but mostly DEMs and DSMs. It's within a service as a sublayer. (common workflow, makes sense, wish it would perform faster though with hundreds of layers and we are researching)

Philip Johnson​ that is a workaround, yes. Interesting.  I my test this and thank you. That would result in a very large dataset though, for a countywide raster-to-polygon for the DEM. Hopefully not something intended to be a longterm though...

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Kelly Gerrow it is easy to do this e.g.  Identify cell value with Popup in a mapServer raster  but it would be good to add this to AGOL web maps out of the box, increasing useage of ArcGIS .  


I have it working on a web map and web app using an image service. I do not have it working, and would like it to, on the explorer app for iOS. When you click to identify, it grinds a second then nothing happens. Odd that it would work everywhere but there.

UPDATE: Sorry should have read this closer. I am using server not online. Still, not working on explorer.

by Anonymous User

Precisely. The key also is that it work for /MapServer services not just /ImageServer, which is more rare (and requires additional license). I usually see DEMs or other raster types where they are provided only as /MapServer. And of course if it is out of the box in webmaps and as a popup, it will probably then work everywhere, even other apps and solutions (such as Explorer) hopefully, if it is built-in at the lowest levels of the APIs and Esri ecosystem.


This still does not seem to have been implemented. I have tested using the raster to polygon option but as far as I can tell and I hope someone can correct me, the polygons need to be set as a hosted feature layer, which consumes a lot of credits when you have large datasets. I have simplified the polygons into points to try reduce the usage too, which does work but is not ideal as the raster/polygon spatial cells are lost.


Is there a way to embed the popup info from the polygon shapefile another way, or not as a hosted feature layer, which will not consume my credits in dramatic fashion.


I hope someone can assist me as buying 1000's of credits is not ideal for me or my clients.

ps. I have a Basic ArcGIS/ArcPro license.


This is still an issue that the user is not able to get basic popup info on rasterdata in AGOL. Popup info on raster cells is basic in ArcGIS and should not be limit to the use of the data is published. Please consider implementing this, as most basic web map viewers are able to do this.