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Multiple Users - Very limited usage

11-23-2017 01:05 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I could have up to 110 users that need to log into ArcGIS Online for about 5 minutes per day to add some map points (manually 5 - 10 points/day).

Rather then having to switch my limited accounts to different people each day, can we get/use a generic log in for these people?  We do not want to act in bad faith when using the platform.  (I do not care about identities or who made the posts.). 

I would prefer to use the ArcGIS online platform for our work rather than use a third party App.  Thousands of people per day would view the posted work of these people and it would show the ESRI technology in a positive light.

We are happy to talk pricing for the privilege....

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