Multi-Move/Move to Top/Bottom Options to the Configure Pop-Up Menu

03-16-2017 05:25 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Adding the ability to move multiple fields at once up and down as well as the option to move to top/bottom would be an a huge improvement here. Currently the process of moving a single field 1 position at a time renders the process inefficient and nearly a bugged process i.e. moving a field to fast or even upon first move the field un-selects itself or the interface bugs out completely and you have to close/re-open the interface.


Agreed. We have around 50 layers on which pop ups needs to enabled, and all the fields needs to be in a certain order for each feature class. I have been spending countless hours formatting pop ups to have a uniform look in our app.


This is a must have - the Visualization tab on the Item Details page did help by being able to set a default in advance for all uses of the layer moving forward, but still even there there's no easy, time-effective means of managing this important feature.