Move m-aware points inside a web application

11-02-2018 08:37 AM
Status: Open
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It would be REALLY useful to move an m-aware point in an AGOL web application. So far one can only create a new point and delete the old one, making it a pain to manually copy/paste attributes. Can I get a HECK YEAH?!

See this thread for details: ArcGis Online - how to move a feature - ArcGis Online - how to move a feature , (https:)//

Sure I can do this in ArcGIS Desktop, but I have non-technical folks using AGOL web apps who need to stop depending on me to do simple things like move a point.    


Thanks for logging this idea! Can you provide some examples of applications or data that you would like to move with M-aware points? Is there a specific workflow that this would improve for you?




I have point features (fire hydrants) that will be used in a network in the future so they are m-aware and have multiple attributes. I have a high accuracy GPS unit in the field being used to update the locations of the hydrants using Collector mobile application on self-hosted feature services. I would like for the GPS Operator to select the existing point and move it to the new location indicated by the GPS unit. I would also like the moved point to get updated automatically with the new coordinates, while retaining all other attributes.

At this time I am forced to utilize the following workaround:

The GPS Operator must create a brand new point with coordinates, then manually enter the attributes from the "old" hydrant (there is no copy/paste function available) and then delete the old hydrant when complete.

Thank you for your time and assistance.