Movable popup window in ArcGis Online

10-22-2012 04:35 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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The popup window in arcgis online cannot be moved.  It often pops up in a location that won't allow me to see the feature.  It would be useful to be able to move it out of the way.

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You can do this (as an option) with the Javascript API so it seems it would be easy to add this (obviously useful) feature. Of course making it an option might be a little tricky for developers. I sure hope this gets added. I'm constantly trying to move the window because it is the default to have that ability in all our other (javascript API) webmaps.


This would be really helpful


Movable AND resizeable! 


Hey Shelby, small world.    Yes on moving and resizing!  


I heard this mentioned several times at the UC last week as something people really want and need.  It definitely would make the user experience better.  Please consider moving forward with this soon.  I see that the original idea was posted almost 5 years ago, so hopefully it's higher up on the priority list now! 


As the commenter above implied - 5 years later and still not fixed. Biggest complaint we've had - we may revert to our MapServer installation for a section of clientele.. They just want to capture the screen without the panel in the way. Thats it - no fancy , flashy algorithms or widgets are higher on our list than this simple interface problem.


Moving the popup window is a MUST. We have just launched the portal for ArcGIS in our Healthcare Organization and this was the first comment I received. The previous maps portal we had was based on ESRI for Sharepoint

technology, and there the user was able to move the popup window.


Please make it not just movable, but resizable as well!

And it would be very nice if the PopUp could be displayed in a side-panel.


This is exactly it for me too. Don't force loss of screen real estate with docking, allow resize and move so that users can quickly generate a screenshot of their feature of interest.


what Joe, Yossi and Natalie and Mark just said. I heard they are waiting until API 4.x becoming the main API sometime mid next year.  I thought this over. First, we need it asap, but also, we have a lot of 3.x sites and I don't think we'll be going 4.x any time soon. Maybe in a year. Some, longer. Esri Team - please consider letting 3.x API have moveable resizeable popups, too. Backport to 3.2x API in a future update, and in advance, Thank you.  I have to say this is literally the highest priority for ArcGIS Online for us, end users almost every single one, ask for this especially if they move the map, hit the popup, drag, and the screen "goes blue".   They ask, why can't I move the popup. Good question.  Also, it gets in the way of the feature selected. It covers over it.  Realtors like to ask that one, a lot!!  I have posted a simple example as above of how to implement moveable popups. Yes we can implement it on custom sites. However, for hosted sites on Org accounts and for webmaps and story maps on Esri Org accounts we can't control the source code. Adding this would help Esri sell Org accounts and online products ($)...      Seriously, though. That would be a great update for ArcGIS Online. This and relates as actual attribute fields inside popups. (for now we do sql views)