More options for Map Notes popups

10-15-2020 10:31 AM
Status: Open
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Map notes and their pop-ups are very static currently with only a few options. It would be nice if:

1. There was an option to turn off the automatic pop-up for map notes if I didn't want the notes to have a pop-up.

2. If I only want to add in a title but no descriptive content, that there is no automatic filler text in the descriptive section when used in apps like Story Maps. I recently did a map with map notes to help locate where specific features were along a line but only wanted to add a title. However, the pop-up automatically added in "undefined" text below the title when I clicked on the feature in a Story Map so I had to go back in to the web map and figure out some descriptive text to add below the title.

3. Ability to add in photos from computer rather than just a URL.

4. The ability to fill out pop-up information for the map notes as a whole rather than having to manually fill out the information for each one individually.

5. Option to use Arcade or other customization in the pop-ups.

by Anonymous User

Hi @AspenN - thanks for the feedback and ideas here. #1 and #2 above have been implemented with Sketch layers in the new Map Viewer. We would be interested in if you have feedback on this feature. 




Thank you @Anonymous User! I just barely experimented with the new sketch layers in Map Viewer. I love the customization options, especially when designing the pop-ups. I am excited to experiment and use this feature more in the future.