More flexibility in Story Map template

05-13-2016 03:07 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
I think it would be great to have more flexibility in the story map template in regards to the placement of the legend and the zoom bar. I am creating a time aware story map, which requires a time aware app to be embedded in the story map. The time aware app gives the option to have a zoom bar, but does not give an option as of where to place the zoom bar. Also, the legend is only available in the top left or top right of the page. When you embed the time aware app in the tabbed story map template, the story text itself is either placed in the top left or top right of the screen. This means that you either lose your legend or you lose your zoom bar. If we had a little more flexibility as to where we could place the zoom bar or legend, I think this would help greatly. Given the fact that a growing number of users do not own PCs, assuming that the user has a mouse with a scroll wheel isn't necessarily sound anymore, so the zoom bar becomes much more important.