Metadata changes

11-18-2020 02:34 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The abstract section of the metadata editor within ArcGISOnline does not show up in the GetCapabilities document. Instead, for some reason the Summary is used. This is confusing to say the least! The idea is simply to change this so the abstract in the metadata matches the abstract in the GetCapabilities document. Example below:

ArcGIS metadata:



GetCapabilities Metadata:



Furthermore, when you publish a WFS layer from a Hosted Feature Layer, it should inherit the metadata from the Hosted Feature Layer. However, this was not the case, and only until I raised a support call did I find out that the Point of Contact section under the Resource tab in the Metadata must be filled in in order for the metadata to inherit correctly.

This needs to be better documented as the Point of Contact section is not mandatory for publishing under certain schemas such as INSPIRE, so there's no way of knowing this unless it's clearly documented somewhere.