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11-04-2010 03:03 AM
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I'd like to see much of the functionality assosiated with the GeoPortal Toolkit embedded in Users of should be able to add links to OGC resources like WMS, WCS, WFS and CSW as content. Adding a CSW metadata catalog service should make it searchable through the search tools. Search results could then easily be opened in or the javascript viewer, saved as a web map etc etc..

Why? A lot of countries has SDI initiatives with rich CSW metadata catalog services available to the public. They contain a lot of data and services that is highly relevant to the ArcGIS user. They should be able to search, find and use ALL available GIS resources through a easy to use and intuitive interface like

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hi, you may be interested in the Geoportal Search widget for the Web Appbuilder framework. It allows searching for services across multiple catalogs including those supporting CSW and then consume supported services in the viewer.

The widget is included in the Geoportal Server GitHub repository and a work-in-progress version is deployed on our sandbox: If you find issues with this widget or have questions, please join the conversation on the Geoportal Server list.

Marten Hogeweg

Product Manager Geoportal Server