Measure a Defined Distance in AGOL

09-24-2018 01:15 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Please modify the Distance and Direction widget and/or the Measure widget to allow users to define a length of a measurement without having to define the angle as well.  One of the most basic GIS functions is to measure distance interactively, without using coordinates; however, current AGOL widgets only allow users to get close to a desired distance by hovering over a spot, wiggling the cursor back and forth so as to try to hit a specific length.  

The Distance and Direction widget allows users to create lines interactively, but users must also define an angle when they define a distance.  This is not useful when the user doesn't know the angle they want.  They should be allowed the option to define a distance without defining the angle, so that the creation of the line is restricted to the defined length from the point of origin, but the line can be drawn at any angle.