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Mark shared data to be removed

07-16-2021 07:02 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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ArcGIS Online/Living Atlas needs to provide viewers the ability to mark data sets as proprietary data that needs to be removed from public distribution. There are no limits on the ability of participants to redistribute proprietary, licensed data publicly in this system so ESRI needs to provide a tool for users that identify when their data is being distributed illegally.


Isn't the Terms and Conditions section for that?


Could you give an example of a layer being redistributed illegally?

by Anonymous User

I don't really want to post a link to data that is being distributed without our permission but anyone can post data there, so it stands to reason that people are posting data that violates creators terms of use. I think that ESRI should allow viewers to mark data as proprietary and to be removed to resolve this. 



I mean, if someone's adding it from an outside org, there is a notice put on the item:


The "Owner" section also shows the parent org of the layer. So clearly, there's some way that information about a service is being "piped in". I wonder if Esri could make the "Terms of Use" section read-only when it's added form another org. That could be a step in the right direction.