Map Viewer Time Slider: Get Time Steps From Data

05-13-2021 08:40 AM
Status: Open
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When working with time-enabled data, ArcGIS Pro allows you to choose time steps based on the unique set of times found in the data. This allows you to step through irregularly-changing data one event at a time, which helps visualize historic data like boundary changes.

However, this same functionality doesn't appear to exist in either the classic or new Map Viewer time sliders (unless I missed it somewhere). They only allow you to specify steps by a standard interval (10 years) or dividing the total time into a specified number of equal length intervals (150 years / 10 steps = 15-year intervals). 

It would be very useful for Map Viewer to have Pro's ability to set the time steps based on the unique times found in the data, as it would allow analysis and visualization of these types of time-enabled datasets without the need for desktop software.  

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