Map Viewer: Don't reset TOC width when resizing the browser tab

10-22-2019 04:35 PM
Status: Open
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It is really handy to take a screen capture of some or all of the content in the Map Viewer for a PowerPoint presentation.  Often, resizing the table of contents panel to allow layer names to fit on one line really cleans up the look of the legend.  And you often need to resize the browser tab, or force the browser to full height, or fully maximize it, so you can get just the right presentation.  It takes some fine-tuning to position the map content and the TOC to get both just right.  But if after you've almost got the presentation set the way you want it, you resize the tab, force the browser to full height, or maximize the browser, the Map Viewer automatically resets the width of the TOC to something narrower than you want.  That artifact occurs also when you have resized the TOC width while in full-height or fully-maximized.  As soon as you un-maximize or restore the browser from full height, the TOC again shrinks to some pre-determined width.

It would be really helpful to honor the user's choice of TOC width, always.  And not reset the width when the tab or browser is resized, maximized, un-maximized, set to full height, or restored from full height.

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