Managing users and credits by contract numbers

12-08-2020 01:16 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We have an ELA with ESRI which gives us X number of users and Y number of credits in ArcGIS Online. When a project will require a large number of users and or credits, managers are asked to buy these out of our ELA. Once added to our corportate account, how can we reserve these additional users and credits for that specific project. Currently they are simply added to a global total, which makes it hard to reserve for the project they were bought for.

Also, we need to bill to our client our credit consumption and content space. Its pretty simple to add a project number to content items so that we know to which project to bill the content space, but its impossible for credit consumption. Credit reports only tell which user used how much doing reports or geocoding but nowhere can we see on which project. Would it be possible to add a project number prompt before running any AGOL tool using credits. Thanks