Make Story Maps iOS- and Android-friendly

06-03-2019 12:47 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Cascading Story Maps are awesome. They look great in mobile. But, if they include an interactive map, they currently require the mobile user to click the TINY "Explore Map" button fixed in the FAR bottom right corner of the map. Best case scenario: This step doesn't exist and the map is interactive as on desktop. Second best case scenario: The "Explore Map" button can be moved / resized, so it's not completely covered by the iOSX/Safari browser menu at the very bottom of the screen, and can actually be clicked.

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How have more people not upvoted this? This seems like a huge problem, it makes this entire app basically useless in mobile if you want to make an actual map and not just a pretty website. Please fix this ASAP, the explore map button should be much more accessible.