Make it easier to see content within my organization

02-17-2022 05:40 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Online we can organize our own content within folders which makes it easy to find our own content  However, other users need to select Content-->My Organization-->Sort by Owner which is a pain on its own.   Additionally users do not see how I organized data.  Instead they are presented with a list of just a bunch of content.  

Please consider making it easier to find other users content in a folder view.  This will save the time of needing to sift through a hundered or so layers.  One example could be similar to:

My Content

  • Planning and Zoning (8 items)
  • Soils Data (3 items)

Another Users Content:

  • Boundaries (19 items)
  • Census Data (12 items)
  • Land Records (15 items)
  • Hydrology (6 items)
  • Recreation (9 items)

You can go to home/content.html?user=some_username to see that user's folder structure.

For instance, I'm signed in as jcarlson, but if I want to see the user kendall_gis's content and their organization, I can specify their name in the URL, and I see this:


You can only go a user at a time with this method, though. It would still be nice to have a full-org view of content, split up by user.


What if you use categories instead of folders? Those can be used organization wide. However you can't filter on creater or owner, so maybe Esri can add a filter option for that.