Make it easier to find another organizations ArcGIS Online content

01-03-2022 07:32 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II


It would be useful if we could follow another organizations public ArcGIS Online content.  I find it difficult to search for data from another organization as searches include results from the public, university students, other organizations. I also noticed that some organizations publish data under the name or the organization while others publish data under the name of the person who posted the data.  For example a search for "Minnesota DOT" comes up with a lot of results including some from Iowa, students, public, cities, etc...

We can work around this if we know the rest ArcGIS Server URL, which is often cryptic in AGOL, or we can hope that each organization publishes data to a group and allows anyone to join the group which is less likely than having an organization publish data to the public.

Please make it easier to follow other organizations content.  For example I would like to add "Minnesota Department of Transportation", "Minnesota Department of Natural Resources", and "My Neighboring County"




P.S.  As a bonus it might be interesting if we could see when new items have been published, or updated.