Make domain choices user/view specific

01-04-2022 08:09 AM
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I am working for a government agency and we regularly work with contractors mowing our parcels and supervisors checking on their work. In our feature layers we have (among others) to fields (contractor_status and supervisor_status) with the respective choices: to do, done, partially done, and approved, disapproved, partially approved.

We have made views that regulate the privileges so that a contractor cannot approve his own work and that the supervisor cannot mark a parcel as to be done. This works fine.

However, we would like to have all choices in one field, allowing for greater vizualization flexibility. It would be great if in e.g.  a view the available domain choices could be further regulated. So that not all users that have the ability to edit the field have the same values to choose from.

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I submitted an idea similar to this awhile ago allowing us to add a third attribute to domains.

Mine was intended for use in Survey123

But I could also see the benefit  here as well. 

I have one application that around a 100 field techs use, and they don't need to see answers that pertain to other types of crews.

I ended up having to create a domain for each group.  Got kind of cumbersome.


I like this idea.