Limit Gallery items for non-registered AGOL users

01-12-2017 07:50 AM
Status: Open
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I recently discovered that when I look at the Gallery as a Site Administrator in AGOL, I only see a very small fraction of everything that is shown to a non-registered used.  I was under the impression that only items that were shared with the Gallery group would be made available there.  As it turns out, all public materials are shown in the Gallery for non-registered viewers, regardless of if they are in the Gallery group or not.  The Gallery group apparently only acts to hide things from registered users.  This seems very counter-intuitive.  

I would like to see ESRI change the function of this so that unregistered users only see items that are 1. Shared with Public AND 2. Shared in the Gallery group.  This would allow us to present a much more user friendly experience for unregistered visitors.

I apologize if there is a similar post - I did a quick search and found nothing, so I am hoping this is not a repeat request.

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That seems troubling, so I checked it out with my organization. After enabling "Allow anonymous access to your organization's website" because our homepage/gallery wasn't publicly accessible, I was able to see the Gallery when I wasn't signed in. It only showed those public maps and apps that I had put into the group assigned to display in the Gallery for me, and I know I have many more public things not in that specific group. I'm curious if anyone else can replicate your issue.