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04-03-2013 02:16 AM
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I have created a series of maps with ArcGIS Online that use a combination of feature services and imported shapefiles.  The maps have 2 feature layers and I would like to have one as the top layer and the other as the bottom layer.  Unfortunately, when saving and reloading the maps the feature service layers always default to being the top-most layers.  This is especially frustrating as one of them is a basemap layer.  I would like this issue to be resolved please.

I'm curious if you shared both feature layers from the same map? You should be able to reorder them and then save it. Right-click the layer and choose "Move up" or Move down"

We have a couple other Ideas posted on this same issue.

Enable any ordering for all types of services in the web map contents. 

Allow Cached Layers Above Feature Layers in AGO Map 

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We didn't have a formal enhancement logged with our support team before so we submitted the following record. 

-  ENH-000119248 -  Allow webmaps to rearrange and organize the order of map layers regardless of type.


Additionally we found a trick to workaround the problem by adding the Layer as a "Reference Layer" in the basemap.

-  Use More options > Move to Basemap .

- Finding the layer in the basemap > Use More options > Set As Reference Layer

- Demo Video


For any customers who are experiencing this issue you can contact Esri Support to get your account attached to the record.