Layer List - stop automatically adding new layers

06-14-2019 03:01 AM
Status: Open
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The Layer List Widget in Web AppBuilder is fantastic except when I add new layers to my underlying web map they are automatically added to every Layer List.

On one particular project I have 10 lists so have to manually go in to turn the layers off in 9 Layer Lists when I add any new layers to the web map. Quite tedious especially when I've added a whole bunch!

So, can we either have the default that layers are not automatically added to a Layer List OR an option to decide when we set up our Layer List widget

Thank you!


This would be a very time saving thing if implemented. Should be available as an opt out selection.

This is very annoying, and I spend a lot of time turning off layers. The default should be "turn off".

Layer list widget


Need a urgent fix! When the Portal is under development and every day is necessary to add more data, is really stressful... urgente fix