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Labelling of Line Features in a Web Scene

07-07-2019 03:23 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't seem like you can label a line feature in a 3D scene in ArcGIS Online.  The labeling of point features is a good start, are there any plans to roll this out to labeling of line features in 3D?

This functionality would allow us to bring in things such as street labels in a 3D integrated mesh, which are fast becoming the norm for 3D web scenes.


This functionality would be very useful


I'm wondering the same thing - I'm trying to label lines in a 3D scene in ArcGIS Online but it's not working. I can place labels on the 3D scene in ArcGIS Pro but when I share it with ArcGIS Online, the labels disappear.  Has anyone found a solution yet? Thanks for your help!