Keep original field order when publishing a web layer or keep order of fields in web map when overwriting a service

09-01-2021 01:02 PM
Status: Open
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It would be really helpful if published services (in this case to portal from an enterprise geodatabase and not hosted) would be consistent in how field order is treated.

Either the field order in the map viewer needs to honour the original field order of the dataset being published or the reordered fields in the web map need to stay in the order set when overwriting a service.

Alphabetical field order is unhelpful in 99.9% of situations

I've just spent an age reordering my fields in my map viewer.  Then I noticed that my symbology hadn't come through properly (*sigh* this might be the subject of another idea....) so I made some changes and republished. 

Yes that warning message comes up but that warning is not very helpful either - if you are republishing it's because you need to so...

Then I have to go back into my map viewer and reorder all the fields again.

If it kept the original order of the fields I could sort it out in pro.  If it kept them in the map viewer I would only have to do it once.

Maybe if there are changes to field names/added fields these could go to the bottom of the list and all the rest stay the same?

P.S - The service is published in portal but I'm using it in ArcGIS Online - if that makes a difference... Maybe I'll try publishing it to ArcGIS Online just in case...

Ok - flag that - it's going to mess with my symbology even more - at least the warnings means it's transparent about it I guess...


I have to say, field ordering is a personal bane for me too. Some clear guidance on how Portal and AGOL handle field ordering would also be very helpful.


Seconded. When over-writing a web layer, if any new fields are added in Arc Pro, the new fields show up at the end of the field list in the web map. And now there doesn't seem to be any way to reorder the fields in map viewer? Very frustrating. 


Yep agreed. You can reorder the fields in Pro by 'Configuring Popups' and then turn off 'Only use visible fields and expressions' and then drag around the order of the fields but I wish I didn't have to do this.