ISO 8601 Date Format Support in AGOL, Portal, Collector, Web AppBuilder

04-18-2017 07:17 AM
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International standard date format support (ISO Standard 8601 example: YYYY-MM-DD) is not supported in any of ESRI's AGOL and Portal based solutions. Many organizations mandate the use of this date standard and not having it supported is an impediment to rolling out these solutions.

Having dates in this format gives a predictable and easily sortable date format that is compatible across many systems, especially those that work internationally.

ISO 8601 - Wikipedia 


Considering all the recent advancements in technology, the date format support in these applications is very poor. In a web map, on which almost everything depends, there are currently only two possible formats for fields with date and time, US format (m/d/yyyy hh:mm:ss) and international (d/m/yyyy hh:mm:ss) and neither are acceptable when users are international.

The date format used in AGOL itself, most templates and widgets is also US format, which most of the rest of the world does not use.

The ISO date format is designed for these scenarios as it avoids confusion. It should, as a minimum, be one of the format options and ideally, should be the default.

The default date format should also be configured at the organisation or web map level. 

At the moment we are constantly having to apologise to customers because the date formats aren't what they require. 


In Open data, there is a date created field against each dataset. Would like to see this displayed in Australian Format - i.e. DD/MM/YYYY and not U.S format.


This is also the standard which is compatible with Pandas datetime objects, and in particular the Pandas read_csv function.


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It is perhaps worth noting that here, in the Esri Community, which is an international community, that there is support for the YYYY-MM-DD date format:





It would be great to see that same support for intentional collaboration available across the ArcGIS product line!

At a higher-education institution it is very common to have students, faculty, and staff that come from different countries, which use different patterns of month-day/day-month for representing dates, which subsequently can lead to confusion. Furthermore, our users often collaborate with others from around the world via ArcGIS Online Groups, Hub Initiatives, etc. All of which would benefit from having the option to use the confusion-free YYYY-MM-DD date format.