Introduce email notifications for group owners & members.

06-16-2010 08:06 AM
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It would make administering groups more convenient if owners could choose to be notified via email when someone requests to join their group.  Likewise, it would be useful for group members to learn via email when a fellow member has shared new content with a group, rather than having to actively log into the site to review the latest changes.

Also, on my Group summary page that shows all the groups I belong to, I would like to see "latest content added on 23 Aug 2010" or some similar message so I can quickly see without having to open each group.
In addition, I would add that you should be able to (1) register with an alternate email address.  Because I would love to get notifications for joining a group or getting new data both to my work email and personal email.  (2) Why not create a nifty notification window that pops up inside of ArcMap (or ArcCatalog) that tells me new data is available from my group.  Chances are, if I am sharing data between groups, I would probably have ArcMap running during the course of the project and working with that data set.   Number 1 would be more critical than number 2 in my opinion. 
 We are currently looking into additional notification mechanisms within
I think this is a neccesity for managing a group.  I was just speaking with an Esri rep about this and he suggested putting the idea on this site.  Glad I came across this posting.  

When a user starts a group, there should be several options about notifications.  Such as a choice to get no notifications, choice to get them whenever something happens on the page and a choice to get daily or weekly updates.
Similarly, e-mail notifications could enable soliciting as-yet unshared maps, layer packages or services from members of a group. For example if I am looking for maps about a given topic and do not find what I seek, I could post a message to the group asking if anyone has such a resource they would be willing to share. Members of the group would receive an email to which they could respond if desired. User profiles might even offer the choice to opt out of receiving such solicitations.
I'd like to see the option of emailing the group via a button on the group member listing page.  There is no easy to manage group communications
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I would also like email notification on item updates.I may want to watch an item and get a notification when that item changes. For example, if Idownload a layer package, I would like an email notification when a new layer package is available.
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Another handy thing would be to allow e-mail notifications when comments are added to a post in the gallery.  I currently have to keep going back to check, and sometimes go a long time between visits.  A notification when someone posts a comment or question is crucial.

I would like to promote the idea of castagne, it would be really helpful to inform group members:

"I'd like to see the option of emailing the group via a button on the group member listing page.  There is no easy to manage group communications"
Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online currently has the ability to email just a few or all users within an ArcGIS Online org. We're in development now of creating automated notifications as things happen within. The product is on a 2 week development cycle so new functionality is being released often.