Inconsistent text formatting in journal storymap template

12-09-2016 07:42 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I have 3 sections in a storymap using the journal template and the text spacing and font are different in the 1st section compared to the 2 subsequent sections no matter what I do.  I contacted ESRI support and was told that that is just how that template is - text in first section will be spaced and looked different than the other section since it is the top page.  But I think that is poor quality web design as text format should be consistent from page to page. As it is, the text is spaced at 1.5  while the other sections are space at 1.0 and it looks bad.  Please change it so all text sections have the same spacing at 1.0 (single spacing) or give us a button to change it if we want.