Improve Time slider widget / Template

07-03-2019 12:15 AM
Status: Open
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Please could you add more options and more graohic versions of time sliders widget or app template in agol ???

non expert final users find this tool not so easy and not imemdiate.

Thank you


My organization just joined the Waze Connected Citizen Program, and we are trying to make an app for our users to select a start/end time and see all the alerts that happened during this time.  The current time-slider widget is not intuitive enough for our users to use.  It is really tiny, and the font is hard to read.  It is unclear when you drag the slider that you could be just making the skip interval even larger.  This widget would be great with a side panel user interface where users can use a drop down field to specify start and end times, field to specify their desired time interval, and then playback tools such as start and pause.


I agree. I'm trying to make a custom web map and the client is finding the time slider to be too small and too hard to use. It's also lacking some major customizations like the ability to set the default starting locations of the markers. I would like to see additional options added including

  • the ability to scale the widget (or at least a mini vs normal size)
  • Being able to label the slider position
  • being able to type in custom values in lieu of sliding (this is an accessibility issue as well

Totally agree.  I have a research library spanning 250 years..  so the full span of the slider makes individual years impossible to compare.