Improve Symbol Levels in ArcGIS Online

05-13-2016 04:59 PM
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When I set symbol levels in a service and use that service in an AGOL map, the symbol levels are ignored or applied at random. Either create an option for symbol levels in AGOL, or improve the application of symbol levels from services. Currently, I would have to have 4 polygon layers, ordered appropriately, instead of 1 layer with 4 polygons ordered by symbol level.


ABSOLUTELY!  Hit that wall yesterday.

What did the fish say when it ran into a wall?  Dam!

Please respect the ArcMap Symbol Levels in ArcGIS Online maps or add Symbol Levels capability to ArcGIS Online maps.  Thanks in advance! 


This is a big issue.  when you style a hosted feature layer, at minimum the order in the styling should be what sets the symbol levels..


I also run into this problem constantly!  


This is quite important. Have to do a lot of data conditioning to work around this - please help me be more productive. 


This is absolutely something I would love to see still. Currently my workaround is to set transparencies for the items that cover up others, but I would love to not have to do this, and set the draw order myself.

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This issue is very important in time aware layers where I cannot split the layer up or use transparencies since I need it to display with a time slider in a WebApp.  Being able to set the drawing order in the layer is vital to our map displaying properly.  Please make this possible in AGOL asap!!


Any updates related to this?


still missing this


Still waiting... what is the status with this one esri?


While I agree symbol levels are absolutely crucial to getting high quality cartographic output, especially for displaying roads, I think ESRI will be very reluctant to add this to AGOL. Symbol levels, depending on the complexity, can add a significant number of extra drawings cycles to build up the map image. While this is usually OK for a desktop application, this is probably to big a performance hit for the online AGOL rendering ecosystem.

A possible solution would be to only allow using symbol levels in locally build tile caches, so that the burden is not on the ESRI rendering ecosystem, but just on your own local hardware.

Of course, with the recent push for vector tiles, that have their own limitations in terms of supported symbology, there may be other caveats as well to implementing something like this.