Improve Named User Management Tools

03-07-2016 10:52 AM
Status: Open
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I'm an AGOL admin that manages over 150 accounts (and growing) from a user base that spans a variety or organizations. Many of these accounts are assigned just for specific projects and then the users are deleted and the account re-harvested for use by another user. There's a lot of turn over in our AGOL accounts. We need better management tools within the named user account environment, specifically:

  • Fields where we can enter information such as company or organization name and project name. The ability to pre-code these fields with standardized inputs (domain values) would be great
  • The ability to set a 'time out' date on an account. For example, if we know a user has an account just for a specific project and that project has a close-out date then we need to be able to set a 'Disable' date to have the account automatically disable on the close-out date.
  • We need to be able to do bulk management actions against users within the AGOL environment - for example the ability to search for users who belong to a certain contractor group and set all their accounts to 'Disabled' using a single transaction.

Yes, these enhancements would really be helpful. It is so tedious to look through many screens of users to find those who adhere to certain criteria. Thanks for creating this idea Brian Haren.

An additional suggestion - how about being able to query those users who have not yet logged in for the first time, so a reminder email can be sent.

by Anonymous User

As of the June 2018 update the Organization page has been redesigned. A check box has been added to select multiple members at once. Right now you can disable members in bulk. More bulk user management items are on the road map and will be coming in the future.


Hi Katie... is any work being done to address the need to assign a user to an organization/branch/program area/project etc?  Thanks


We use the Python API and GeoJobe to do this. There's a "Tag" field for users that isn't yet utilized in AGO. Since we use active directory and some group management in AD, we used a report from AD as a starting point. We gave each user a few relevant tags, then bulk loaded them with the Python API. Then we use GeoJobe to export to Excel where we can see each user's detailed attributes, including our tags.