Improve layer feature filtering in AGOL map viewer

07-29-2015 06:58 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II
Currently, filtering by field values is limited. Only string fields without domains can search for: field Like '%value%' - Aka Contains. This makes it impossible to filter by any domain values containing the letter 'A'. There is also no equivalent to the SQL syntax: field in (5, 9, 800). This is missing for all field types and makes filtering to a large list of values nearly impossible. To filter for 10 differentvalues of a field. The user must create 10 filters of: field equals value. Very tedious. Lastly, there needs to be spatial filtering. This includes filtering in to current extent, filtering to features selected on map, and filtering related featuresin another layer. The use case is for field calculations. Batch editing with field calculator in the map viewer is already very limited. Being able to adequately filter to the right features is mandi tory for field calculator to be useful.