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Improve available default Map Layouts for Printing in ArcGIS Online

10-21-2013 06:25 AM
Status: In Product Plan
Esri Contributor


I can create great maps in AGOL, but I can't print out the map with a legend, scale bar, title and north arrow in the same way I can using desktop. This would make it much easier to communicate spatial data and ideas correctly.



Note: Users can currently create a custom printing service in ArcGIS Server to create custom printing templates for use in ArcGIS Online. This idea also refers to this capability being available in ArcGIS Online without the use of additional products.

It would be really productive if custom print layouts functionality is enabled in the Portal for ArcGIS map viewer.
Improvements have been made to the printing experience in ArcGIS Online. Organizations can now include custom print layouts from a custom printing service hosted in ArcGIS Server that can be used in the Web Map Viewer. For more details, see the following documentation:

Our organization is using ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for our public land data resource, displaying a web map that has customized pop ups and is consumed into web app builder to configure various searches and queries. This shared web application allows our citizens to view property information within our city. Previously the product we used for this public tool allowed users to print maps with legends/north arrows and selected attribute information.

Our Citizens still have the need to create printed maps detailing selected features and associated table / pop up data.  It seems that when you go to print a map in the Online Map Viewer or Print Widget from web app builder it sends you to a generic layout with no functionality to display attribute information.  And the layout of the printed maps from the Online Map Service leaves much to be desired.


As it stands, the Print button in the map viewer and the print widget in web app builder is not very useful.  It shows a pretty picture of the map service view extent, but there is a need to display more information if desired.  

There should be a Print Layout Editor in the Online Map Viewer and the print widget in web app builder, where a user could add selected feature attribute information, change the title of the map, add leaders/north arrows, add text labels and perform other functions that might enhance the usefulness of the map.  Perhaps similar to the functions in the ArcMap layout view?

by Anonymous User
if you have a layer like soils you can easily have more symbols than there is room for on one page for the Legend. Or if the user adds several layers.  This is a high priority for us.  

I would like an option to allow overflowing legend symbols to be put onto a second page. (And an option to only display symbols in the current extent, as a true/false toggled option). Esri team --   Thoughts? 


Is there a way to do this if our organization does not have ArcGIS Server? Thanks.



Hi Kate,

In order to use customized print layouts, you currently need to host your own printing service on ArcGIS Server. This is an idea that is being considered for future releases of the software.


Please please please fix printing in AGOL!

The actual print button is nearly useless, the small map rendered simply is not useful--and it is also rife with errors like certain "standard" symbols disappearing.  (I have documented this in numerous ESRI support cases...)

So, I am routinely needing to do a screencap, then do another of the legend items, and then hacking them into shape with PowerPoint.  This is a nightmare!  We are an all AGOL shop, so anything requiring other s/w is simply not credible.

I have heard that vector tiles should enable better printing, but I cannot overemphasize how the lack of useful printing or image rendering with suitable legend and compass rose and scale detracts from the overall utility of this otherwise amazing product!

Despite what many may desire, in the corporate world, we deal in PowerPoint, and often these must be compiled into PDF for Execs and Board Members.  That path to creating this value simply must be improved.


by Anonymous User

By default, we recommend clients look at ArcGIS Online as an excellent, quick and easy way to get their organization into GIS. Often they are not the traditional large government departments/corporates etc that might also have ArcMap or Pro. Instead they are small-to-medium businesses who are wanting to use Collector and online web templates to collect and display data. Inevitably, they ask about printing and, when they see the current default capability they are usually pretty unimpressed and it puts them off. 

I would love to be able to tell them that we could customize a map layout for them using Pro, upload it to their agol account ad hook it up to a print widget icon in the web appbuilder.

This ability to host custom print layouts in an AGOL account would make the task of recommending AGOL so much easier!


At a recent event, an Esri rep suggested that the people in my agency that aren't "power" users should be using ArcGIS Online (This was said after I asked about the move from the concurrent to single use license system). So many of these "non-power" users are using ArcMap to create maps.  Until ArcGIS Online provides some kind of map layout tools, I know my people will not want to just use ArcGIS Online.

People shouldn't have to be doing this: Making Printable Maps from ArcGIS Online - YouTube 


We have had this request come through repeatably from New Zealand Schools who are using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Online only. They want their students to be able use standard map layout conventions (North Arrow, title etc) in the online environment rather than use elaborate and/or creative workarounds to insert these items on screen shots.