Improve ArcGIS Online Usage Details

04-10-2017 12:02 PM
Status: Open
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It would be good to extend the functionality available under the 'Usage' tab for ArcGIS Online items. At the moment the only option is to specify a date range either by selecting from predefined options or specifying a custom range. I am suggesting that it would be useful to offer further options. Firstly, an offer to Download the usage data would be useful. Also it would be useful to perhaps offer other options like view usage by day of week or hour of day over a specified period. Hourly data is currently only visible when looking at the last 24 hours. Is it saved and therefore might be made available for longer periods?

Other potential areas of improvement:

  • allow user to select time zone (default to user's current time zone rather than GMT)
  • how about some geo-information regarding user's locations? A map might be cool!
  • when download of usage data is enabled it would be nice to request/select 'granularity' of downloaded data (e.g. hourly/daily/weekly/monthly etc)

The absence of access to this kind of usage information is one reason why I sometimes feel obliged to download the app and insert Google Analytics code before hosting it myself, but this workflow is less than ideal (once downloaded, the app is 'frozen' and does not benefit from any code changes or updates made by ESRI) - and therefore does not represent a suitable workaround.

Item Detail Usage Page


I was thinking the same thing, but can I add the ability to add any number of these inside an App, Operations Dashboard and/or Open Data Portal???

And to do analytics against the data too.


If custom date can exlude the weekends as most offices are closed in the weekend. Because of weekend the graph shows fluctuating results.

On the same note, if we bulk download the usage by different users.i.e. number of logins, which webmap for executive reports who wish to know the  return on investment such mobile internet, AGOL Subs, etc.


An option to set the time zone would be nice.


The ability to allow AGOL viewers or publishers the ability to also view this data is needed as well. I as the admin and owner want to allow the "customer" of this item the ability to run their own report of it whenever they want. This information is not so secure that only the Admin or Owner of the item should be allowed to run and view it. A simple flag on the item on whether or not to allow other to run the usage report it needed.


This functionality is also required in ArcGIS Portal (on-premise Enterprise), as currently there is not even a graph showing usage over time. Only a total view count !!


Wow, that is surprising - analytics are playing an ever more important role in business practices these days and this seems like a missed opportunity for an enterprise-oriented suite of software such as Portal.


Good point - as GIS people, it seems that our role these days is to provide tools that allow our users to access and manage their data. The current situation here seems like a return to darker days when only the GIS person could say where things are, or in this case how often they are viewed. We don't really have the time to be both making data-accessibility tools and also providing lots of little reports to people.


Agree. More detail for applications would also be useful here, especially those leveraging App Login.