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Improve admin navigation to "manage items" of owner, from item details page

04-10-2019 01:55 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

As an admin I find that many times I'm looking at an item's details page and I want to then navigate to the item's owners content page (i.e. manage items).  But in order to do so, I must navigate back to the org/members page, find the user, then navigate to their content via "manage items".

Please add an option to "manage items" from the item details pages  (current options include 'change owner' and 'move' the item to another folder).


Also allow admins to change group members roles, such as adding group managers

 admin‌ agol groups set permissions #arcgis - online


looks like this is possible via the item details page, click on owner name near the top next to the thumbnail, then click "manage items"


We have multiple admins and I can't, for example, change my role from group member to group manager in a group created by another admin. Any advice? While I can change the owner to myself, it resets the date published and the count of views, which we don't want.