Import Symbology to Hosted Feature Service or Hosted View in AGOL

03-12-2019 01:33 PM
Status: Open
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Similar button to Import... on the Symbology tab of the Layer Properties in ArcMap, but directly applicable in AGOL

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I just came to the ideas forum to post something like this! Would be great to import a layer file to set symbology etc, and would save so much time when creating view layers.


Yes please.


Yes. We would like this functionality as well.

The official answer is "no" That is a significant barrier to hosting data on AGOL.  Which is costing Esri lost revenue (opportunity cost)

There is a way apparently:

Just needs a button on an Item page to do this script, above.

Uniform symbology would also help:


I don't see how the "way" does what the original requestor asked for--importing symbology (not just updating it). Did I miss something? 


Stunning omission from AGOL functionality IMO. Iterating and updating layers in longer term projects is made sooooo much more tedious by needing to apply customized symbols manually every time a layer in a web map is replaced with an updated version.


I also second this functionality. It's a bit backwards to be able to edit hosted features directly in Pro, but not have the ability to change its symbology.