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HTML Markup in web map labels

11-20-2019 12:35 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

I want the ability to put HTML markup in a web map label. This would allow me to create a link to other pages based on a label, or display an image from another server as my label, or even stack my labels in a web map:

"<a href=''" + $ + ">" + $feature.labelvalue + "</a>"


"<img url='" + $feature.imageurl + "' />" + $feature.labelvalue


$feature.labelvalue + "<br />" + $feature.labeltitle

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It would be nice if this behaved the same way in Pro and Online, so that Label customizations you make would work the same in both systems. Either adding support for a subset of HTML markup in Labels to both Pro and Online, or adding support for Pro's existing set of text formatting tags for Labels to Online.