Hosted Feature Layer View: View Definition Query respects table relationships

11-19-2020 11:08 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

When you set a View Definition Query on a Hosted Feature Layer View it would be nice if only the related records from related tables persisted in the View.

Scenario: I have a Hosted Feature Layer with a feature layer and a related table. The feature layer is transportation incidents, the related table is log notes from field workers (1-to-many based on globalID:parentGlobalID relationship). I create a Hosted Feature Layer View from this service with the View Definition Query "Company = 'Company A'" (many different companies in the incident feature layer which need to be parsed out and shared securely/separately). The resulting Feature Layer View has the incidents for Company A properly, but contains every record from the related log notes table; records which are sensitive and cannot be shown to Company A, only the company they pertain to.

There needs to be a solution to respect the table relationships when setting a View Definition Query: "Only give me records from related tables where parentglobalID is equal to globalID in base table".