Hide or archive ArcGIS Online groups

05-29-2014 11:06 AM
Status: Open
Esri Notable Contributor

I'm a member of about 70 ArcGIS Online groups, which presents several usabilitiy issues with ArcGIS.com and other apps.

  • Whenever I need to share an item to a group this requires scrolling through my long list of groups in a tiny window with small fonts to find the group I want.
  • Explorer for iOS needs to ping all my groups to get thumbnails and the number of web maps, which can take a while on Wifi and longer on a cell connection.

Many groups I don't actively use anymore, but would like to keep for archiving purposes.  It would be helpful to have some way to hide or archive a group so that it still is accessible (perhaps from a special view of My Groups), but no longer appears in my default list that is used for sharing and in other apps like Explorer.

Also, it would be helpful to implement a filter box on all sharing dialogs (ArcGIS.com, Esri Maps for Office, ArcMap service publishing wizard, etc.) where the list of groups appears so I could quickly find the group I want.


Greetings all, this is a brilliant idea.  In fact, I have a customer that is asking for this exact functionality, with the added capability of being able to "archive" individual items. I second that this would be a welcome addition to the archiving capabilities.

by Anonymous User